Viewing GRNs


Goods Receipt Notifications (GRNs) are created when the material arrives at the receiving dock. A receipt is an acknowledgment that the ordered material has been received. In many cases, a receipt starts the process of payment for the goods or services. This article explains how to search and view the GRNs.


After the goods are received, it is posted to the ERP and the information is sent to OneSCM. A number is assigned by OneSCM to the receipt, and each purchase order line shipment is displayed as a separate row, as shown in the screenshot below.


In OneSCM, both the buyer and supplier organizations are able to view and print receipts created at the buying organization site.

Viewing GRN information allows us to see material received by your organization and reconcile it with the supplier’s requests for payments sent using invoices.

Follow these steps to view a list of GRNs on the GRNs landing page and access the details:

  1. On the Tab menu, click GRNs.

  2. The GRNs landing page is displayed as shown in the screenshot below. The View displays recent GRNs.

    Note: "GRN Master List" must be selected from the drop-down on the top left.

  3. Scroll through the results or use the filters to refine the results and help you find a GRN.





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