Creating Debug Logs in Gemini 2.0


This article explains the process of enabling logs in Gemini 2.0


To debug a specific transaction in Gemini 2.0, perform the following steps:

  1. Set the profile option BPA: debug level to Messages
  2. Set the profile option CO: Enable Debug to Yes
    Note: You can set these profiles at the user level.
  3. Perform the transaction in Gemini to reproduce the error.
  4. Gemini stores all debug messages in the co_gemini_debug table.
  5. The following query retrieves all messages from this table. You can use SQL*Plus or any other SQL editor to execute this command.
    SELECT * FROM co_gemini_debug;
  6. The co_gemini_debug table will hold the debug messages for a single transaction. To debug multiple transactions in a session, you must retrieve the messages from the co_gemini_debug table after each transaction.




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