Finding JBoss WebServer Port


JBoss WebServer port is required on the login URL to access Connect, ERM, X-PC, etc.
URL Syntax: http://server:port/connect

This article shares the process to find the JBoss WebServer port number.


Follow these steps to find the port number:

  1. Search the server.log located in the log directory for JBoss.
    • It is important that the server.log must be from the date when JBoss started since JBoss rotates the logs.
    • In case you do not see the startup log, restart JBoss to determine the port.
  2. Open the file and search for the following code:
    server:ports-01, serviceName:jboss.web:service=WebServer
  3. Take note of the port number here: port=<port number>.
    • For example, in the code shown below, the WebServer port number is 11053:

      2009-05-27 09:53:30,284 DEBUG [] applyServiceConfig, server:ports-01, serviceName:jboss.web:service=WebServer, config=ServiceConfig(name=jboss.web:service=WebServer), bindings=
      ServiceBinding [name=;hostName=<ANY>;bindAddress=localhost/;port=11053]


Enter the given port number in the URL Syntax to access the JBoss WebServer.

For example, given we determined the port to be 11053, the access URL becomes:

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