PO Acknowledgment in OneSCM


An acknowledged Purchase Order (PO) is one that has been approved for fulfillment, meaning that items on the Purchase Order will be prepared for shipment. 

When a PO is generated in the system, it gets populated at the seller portal automatically so that the seller can acknowledge the PO and complete the transaction. This article explains how to acknowledge a PO.



  1. Login to OneSCM as a Supplier.

  2. The supplier can access the “Create Acknowledgement” page in two ways.

    a. Method 1 - from the Quick Create MenuSelect Quick Create (A) drop-down menu and then select Create Acknowledgement (B) from the list of options.


    b. Method 2 - from the Purchase Order page: Click Purchase Order (C) from the top menu. From the Actions (D) drop-down menu on the right, select Create Acknowledgement (E) from the list of options.


  3. Once you are on the Create Acknowledgement page, you can see the list of POs available in the system to be acknowledged as per the example below.


  4. To create an acknowledgment, select the POs by checking the checkboxes (F) to the left of the POs to be processed.

  5. Change the Supplier Ack status using the drop-down from Not Ack to Accept (G).

  6. Check and confirm Ack Unit Price, Promised Qty and Promised Date (H).


  7. Once all the POs that need to be acknowledged have been through Steps 4, 5 and 6, click the green Accept and Submit (I) button at the top left.

  8. The POs status will change to 'acknowledged' and show up in the Create ASN page for further processing.

  9. Repeat the steps to acknowledge any other POs. 

Once the PO acknowledgment is created, you can confirm it from the 'PO Ack Master List'.

For further information, refer to the article: Viewing an Acknowledgement




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